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How to Ease Morning Sickness

February 6, 2017

As your body goes through the many changes of pregnancy, you will undoubtedly experience symptoms that are very unpleasant, one of them being morning sickness.

Not all women will experience morning sickness. For those who do have morning sickness, however, it can be difficult to deal with.

Morning sickness does not typically last throughout your pregnancy, and you usually have to deal with it during the first trimester only. Below are several tips to help you ease your morning sickness symptoms.


Fresh Scents
If you are feeling nauseous, sniff something with a fresh scent such as a lemon. Pregnancy-induced nausea is often brought on by smells. If you’re exposed to a scent that turns your stomach, trying sniffing a fresh smell such as a fresh piece of fruit to ease nausea.

Hydrating Foods 
Watermelon and popsicles are great for keeping your body hydrated and they are typically a stomach friendly food. When you are in need of something to eat, but can’t stomach most foods, watermelon and popsicles are easy to keep down.

Portion Control
Small meals have a better chance of staying in your stomach as opposed to less often but very heavy meals. For proper nourishment, you will still need to take in a certain amount of calories, but try splitting your daily meals into several small ones so you don’t overwhelm your sensitive stomach.

Sleep It Off
If you can manage, get plenty of rest to help reduce morning sickness. Both your mind and your body are under a lot of stress while pregnant. If you are feeling ill, take the time to lie down and rest so your stomach can begin to settle.

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